Lessons Learned

This project has made me more aware of what drugs I put in my own body. I was never one to take a good deal of medicine; I’d rather not deal with side effects. Unfortunately, last week I somehow got a corneal abrasion; basically I had a hole in my eye. Part of the treatment was a prophylactic anti-biotic. Normally I’m opposed to this kind of medicine—and MDR-TB should say something about why—but the risk of infection was too high. I was told repeatedly to not miss doses and finish it. I was never told why, but the reason is obvious. They did not want to create drug resistant strains. I finished out the drug exactly prescribed, and was careful about it in part because of this blog. Hopefully one of the lessons we can all take away from MDR-TB is to remember that drugs are only somewhat effective and only that much when used correctly.


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