A Question of Money?

I am certainly not the standard bearer for the pharmacutical industry; to be frank I feel they have minipulated the public’s ignorance of science to their own ends.  Having said that, I feel the information from Eli Lilly that I’m about to present is reliable enough.  After all, a drug gaining a resistance to one of Eli Lilly’s medicines would render the drug useless–in corperate terms, unprofitable.  To my surprise Eli-Lilly has taken steps against this illness in regions that pharmacutical companies usually ignore because of poverty.

One such place they have shown an unusual intrest is South Africa.  70% of the nation’s MDR-TB are also AIDS patients.  The company is providing businesses with information and cheap testing to help halt transmission (and further proliferate their anti-biotics when they can work, to be sure.)  Nonetheless many organazations have endorsed it as positive.  This all goes to show that there must be incentives if we hope to combat this disease.


One Response to A Question of Money?

  1. racschou says:

    Glad to hear something positive from Big Drugs. My uncle actually works for Eli-Lilly, setting up new factories and stuff. I think they make an effort to involve themselves in the Indiana community, not just global poverty issues, which is cool.

    So, yea, interesting content. Hope you get over your own disease soon, hon.

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